Technical Partners
The vision of Visviva is to enable the realization of the potential of biomass energy. While we focus on the supply chain of fuel, we offer the entire range of services that may be required for a client to adopt biomass technology. This is enabled through a set of alliances and partners who help us to implement seamless solutions for you. The alliances help us provide you the best solutions to switch to biomass fuel as well as offer a suite of services related to boiler management.

Conversion partners
Our partners can help us with the implementation of the available technologies which can convert your boiler into a biomass fired one. This includes two competing technologies – the direct combustion or external furnace system and the gasification system. We have partnership with leading manufacturers of both systems. Technical expertise of these partners helps us customise the system to your specific requirements

Boiler partners
We also have partnership with players who can help manage boilers to manage your cost on a per ton of steam produced. Services include fuel firing, boiler monitoring and management etc. Skills of such partners help us provide a comprehensive solution to you, which makes steam available to you at a stable costs. All operations related to steam generation can be handled by us.

We are always looking to expand our network of technology partners. Key requirements we have from our partners are a) strong technical experience and b) live examples of systems implemented. While our partners, provide us with the technical knowledge and skills required to implement these systems, we provide a one stop solution on switching to and utilizing biomass fuel. Please leave us a note to explore opportunities to partner with us.

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Posted in March 2010
VisViva start operations in Achintya Shakti Biofuels, Gajwel
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