Products and Services
To the customers, VisViva provides a single point for procurement of biomass fuel with stability & reliability in prices and delivery. With this we target to make the procurement of biomass easy for the clients.

VisViva offers the following services to its clients:

1. Long term fuel supply contracts for users of Biomass Briquettes
2. Long term fixed price fuel supply to Biomass power plants
3. Conversion of boilers from Furnace oil & coal to Biomass to reduce the cost of fuel

Currently the market of Biomass is unorganized and there is no benchmarking of price or quality possible.
Clients are facing issues of uncertain prices and low quality of fuel supplied.
Also for clients there is no confirmed source for information and procurement.

  • Proposition for Customers
  • Issues Addressed
  • Enabling Structure
  • • Single point for procurement of biomass fuel primarily as briquettes (compacted biomass)
  • • Stability and reliability in prices and delivery
  • • Ease in procurement efforts
  • • Unorganised briquetting market, resulting in suboptimal services
  • • Instability of raw material prices
  • • Issues related to quality of product
  • • Direct procurement of agro waste from farmers
  • • Mix of owned and contract processing units
  • • Proactive demand supply estimation
  • • Strong local level alliances

How will VisViva provide these services?

1. Setting up series of briquetting plants & leasing out existing plants
2. Innovative models like setting up briquetting plants in partnership with local farmers to secure the supply of biomass
3. New models for procuring biomass directly from the fields and sharing the profits with local people to make the model more sustainable
4. Development of new machines for decreasing the cost of biomass collection and transportation

We have a suite of offerings to deliver the above mentioned services to our clients. These are summarized in the corresponding sections.

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VisViva start operations in Achintya Shakti Biofuels, Gajwel
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