Biomass Briquetting
Visviva makes biomass briquettes. These are compressed form of biomass made from unprocessed biomass. Currently, the briquetting industry is a largely unorganized and fragmented industry. In Maharashtra for example, there are more than 350 briquetting units with almost as many owners. Each unit produces only about 200 – 250 tons of briquettes a month, which amounts to a modest monthly revenue of Rs 10 lakhs and about 10% of that as profits.

The briquetting industry had many manufacturing units mushroom over a period when the awareness about the value of waste was low. Hence raw material was available at throw away prices. This resulted in easy profits for the early entrants. However, the value of waste was soon discovered in the market and the main source of material for the briquetting machines – baggase – went from Rs 50 per ton to Rs 2500 per ton in a short period. The margins of the briquetting industries were squeezed with many units being forced to shut down.

In contrast to the common practice in the market, Visiva envisages setting up larger briquetting manufacturing facilities supported by a supply of material from diversified sources. A combination of efficient agro-waste collection, using technologies and processes developed in-house, efficient plantation and strong alliance would be deployed. A more secure source of biomass would enable larger scale of production, which in turn would allow the establishment of organized manufacturing practices.

Rural partners
One of the pillars of our business model is local, ground-level alliances. We engage with the farmers who are the main producers of our raw material. We have collection centres designed together with the farmers and other processes which engages them on a large scale. We are also exploring the possibility of partnership with local community in setting up of briquetting units.

We are looking to further strengthen our alliances at the ground level. Hence, if you are a person who works with farmers as a group or are an NGO, who can help us organize farmer groups, producer groups etc, then we see you as a potential partner. Please leave us a note and we can discuss any opportunities to work together with you.

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