Visviva is a company founded by three young professionals from diverse fields. The main aim of the venture is to establish reliable supply of biomass and hence realize the large potential of energy from biomass fuel.

  Area(KHa) Crop Production (KT/yr) Biomass generation(KT/yr) Biomass Surplus(KT/yr) Power potential (MWe)
Agro-Total 129,387 403,560 444,595 133,756 17,354
Forest & Waste land 58,797 NA 62,792 42,121 5,897

Source: Biomass atlas developed by IISC Bangalore

We believe that the solution to this critical issue of supply of biomass is an effective partnership with local entities and by focusing on newer sources of biomass such as forest and agriculture waste and utilization of waste land.

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Posted in February 2012
VisViva featured in 'Search', a leading B2B magazine by Infomedia18
Posted in March 2010
VisViva start operations in Achintya Shakti Biofuels, Gajwel
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